Some analytics

Here are the last month’s analytics for the OERs that we published. The three sources correlate nicely with each other, showing 1-4 visits/day. The resources on EPrints rank 101 in the list of ‘top content’, out of around 3000 records. I must admit that I was expecting better results given that we’re inviting four sources of traffic (WordPress, EPrints, Slideshare, iTunes). We don’t have the Slideshare Pro account, so to measure the average views, I added up the ‘views’ for each resource, divided by the total number of resources, divided that by the number of months they’d been on Slideshare and then divided that by 30, to get the number of hits per resource per day: 1.75. Doing the same for the videos on YouTube, the average number of views for each video is 4.98/day.

What’s also worth highlighting is that the students enrolled on this course also use these same public facing resources, so these analytics include internal use of the resources.